Subject Re: [firebird-support] Best Server hardware to Firebird
Author Rodrigo Aparecido Cardoso
"First, please don't hijack other threads (you posted a reply to 'Flame
Robin versus IB Expert' and only changed the subject)."
R: Sorry, I don't know that it cause problems, it won't happen again.

"Please tell us more about how your customer uses Firebird. 40 users
adding one record each every hour to one table is nothing, 40 users
constantly updating tables when using Firebird as the basis for a flight
simulator is something quite different (I don't know if anyone uses
Firebird this way, I just used it as an example since I expect it to be
quite intensive)."
R: We use Superserver version(running on Windows XP SP3). The customer
is a store, like Wal Mart(not so big as) but with queryes running all
day long. I forgot to say before, but, this server makes backups with
gbak every hour in other hard disk, but when it happen, the system
become slowly...
What can we do with it?

Thank you and sorry about my bad English...

Rodrigo Cardoso
Data System