Subject Flame Robin versus IB Expert
Author davidalbiston
Not a comparison between the two. I have a client who has been running
for 2 years with no problems. Then, something changed and now Flame
Robin hangs if they try to Manage Users. IB Expert has no problem with
managing users.

If I connect to the database as the database owner with FR, and select
Show connected users, I can only see myself. If I connect as SYSDBA, I
see all users. This is not the normal behaviour.

In my application, I allow users to change their password. For this I
use the MDO TMDOSecurityService. It has always worked but now I get an
error with "unexpected item in service parameter block: expected

They are running Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2. The only change I
know of is that they now have this running on virtual servers. I just
updated them to the latest releases of Firebird and FR but the problem

To confuse matters, I backed up and restored their security database.
When the restored database was installed, FR successfully displayed
all users when the Manage Users option was selected. However, when
this was reselected, FR again hung.

I am stuck. Why should IB Expert succeed when FR fails?