Subject Re: [firebird-support] Selectable "select * from table" procedure
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
m> In mysql there is something like a selectable stored procedure, eg.

m> Begin
m> Select * from table x
m> where x.ID = @PARAM;
m> End

m> You can call this procedure via DOTNET, pass paremeters en fill a
m> dataset with it easily

I don't think that in Firebird it is possible to make a stored proc
with a dynamic list of output parameters.

But also I cannot think of a situation where it would be really good
practice to do so. Maybe you can describe this situation a bit; I am
just curious.
I only am used to call "Select stored procedures" if the application
logic needs to be separated from the database logic, and that - to me
- only makes sense if you need a dedicated subset of fields in the
table, probably even pre-filtered rows.

In my opinion a "select * customers" written in your code is about the
same as a "select * from SP_Customers" written in your code, where the
SP should run a tiny bit slower but your code is as dirty as with the
raw select * from table.

That said, all that works for MySQL data provider in .net should also
work with FBProvider. Using params for queries and stored procs
certainly does very well.


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