Subject Re: [firebird-support] Data Base Security from SYSDBA user
Author Hannes Streicher
Guten Tag Dimitry Sibiryakov,

>> okay , i tell my travelling salesmen not to use their laptops anymore
>> try again

> Do you suspect your salesman to be scoundrel who is ready to sell
> your database? Or he is so absent-minded that can lose his laptop? No

We employ humans :)
just ask you local taxi driver how many laptops are left behind

> On the other hand - are you so careless, that your salesman has not
> only his data in his laptop, but _whole_ database?.. Unbelievable.
he has what he need , clients, contacts, leads , products and availability ,
terms and conditions , products prices
enough to be interessting for a competitor

my opinion
get rid of security2.fdb and put security information into the databasefile(s)

then i wont have to worry about third party programs locking me out
as it has happend to me several times already
when they installed firebird replaced security2.fdb and then changed
the sysdba password so that i could not recreate my users

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