Subject Re: Upgrading from FB 2.0.3 to Firebird- fbserver.exe goes to 100% CPU
Author vahrokh

> I once had a customer who had TIB_Connection.ForcedWrites set to
> dpbFalse by accident (e.g. when it is set to dpbDefault and you are
> doing a double-click on it, again, by accident, because you wanted
> double-click the GeneratorLinks property, it changes to dpbFalse)
and he
> did wonder, why his database was always running in forced writes =
> even after setting it to ON with gfix. ;-)
> Any chance this does apply to your situation as well?
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No, I finally found the "culprit". Another programmer read a page on
the Firebird site stating how by setting that value to 1 increased
performance in some particular operation and he "ninja" applied the
change everywhere. For some reason, the 2.0 engine would still work
well (maybe it performs a "sanity check" ignoring nonsensical low
values below a thresold?) but the 2.1.1 engine would show the
drastical effects at full.