Subject Upgrading from FB 2.0.3 to Firebird- fbserver.exe goes to 100% CPU
Author vahrokh

We had some very stable industrial Win 32 applications running FB
2.0.3 running for a long while.

Initial quick tests revealed a marked increase of performance if
upgrading to 2.1 so we started an upgrade process.

Now, we have an issue with Win XP 32 computers / superserver
installation as service (guardian enabled): after the upgrade
everything "works" but is slow like a crawl.

Wether we use our software or popular tools like EMS or HK software
(without any ODBC etc), the server quickly degenerates into taking
>90% of the CPU. Everything still works but it's totally unusably

Even exiting the applications, the server stays at > 90% CPU till
shut down and restarted (we use CPL applet for that).

We also tried backupping and restoring the databases, both with the
above software backup tools and by using gbak, but it won't fix the

I can provide full details and even a database example if needed.

Best regards