Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Upgrading from FB 2.0.3 to Firebird- fbserver.exe goes to 100% CPU
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> Run from the firebird\bin folder
>> gfix -house 20000 <your database>
>> Then look at gstat -h output again to confirm sweep interval
> have default value of 20000
>> Or you may disable autosweep if set sweep interval to zero. But
> you need to run it by
>> hand in this case from time to time.
>> Regards,
>> Vlad
> I applied the suggested fix and now both the app and the admin tools
> work perfectly.
> The mystery is how could everything work flawlessy till this morning
> (before the upgrade) with this parameter set to 1 and even more how
> it got set to 1 to begin with, considering we did not even know about
> the gfix command at all.
> Anyway the important is that it's fixed, now I'll also apply to the
> other dozen apps databases that for some reason are all set to sweep
> = 1.

You don't need to use gfix to set the sweep interval. Admin tools are
able to do that as well, so do access components like IBX, IBO ... For
instance IBOs TIB_Connection exposes a SweepInterval property. Possibly
this one was changed to something else.

I once had a customer who had TIB_Connection.ForcedWrites set to
dpbFalse by accident (e.g. when it is set to dpbDefault and you are
doing a double-click on it, again, by accident, because you wanted to
double-click the GeneratorLinks property, it changes to dpbFalse) and he
did wonder, why his database was always running in forced writes = OFF,
even after setting it to ON with gfix. ;-)

Any chance this does apply to your situation as well?

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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