Subject Re: [firebird-support] slow backup
Author André Knappstein, Controlling

in addition to Helen's answer, in a similar situation (sporadic
cleanup, not a periodical housekeeping), it could be faster to copy
the records you want to keep to a new table, then drop the old one,
then do a backup, and either before or after the backup rename the new
table to the old table


~~~Ihre Nachricht~~~

f> Hello everybody !!

f> I have a problem with my firebird 1.5 database. My database backup is
f> very slow after i performed a large delete in my data table. There was
f> more than 30 Lac records in my table. Yesterday i have deleted 15 Lac
f> records from it. after i have tried to take a backup, it is taking a
f> huge time. I have more than 300 tables in the database. but the
f> problem shows only for the particular table. the table has 3 blob fields.

f> anyone can help me to solve the problem ?

f> Thanks
f> Manoj
f> Software Associates
f> Kerala, India

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f> Visit and click the Resources item
f> on the main (top) menu. Try Knowledgebase and FAQ links !

f> Also search the knowledgebases at

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