Subject Re: running firebird without installing it
Author Adam
> Adam, thanks for taking time to answer me.
> some comments:
> - yes, i am targeting to win32 environment.
> (server and clients)
> - i cant use embedded version because many
> clients will try to access the same data
> (stored on the server)
> - my "empty" tables will actually have more than
> 40.000 records

My empty tables have about 20000 records.

> - you are right when you say that a service can
> be running independently if a user is running
> or not. but i need a version that can be
> installed on two technologies (nt and w9x)

There is not much difference between installation of the database as
an application or as a service. Your installer can detect the version
of Windows running and install it as a service that version supports
it. Running it as an application is less than ideal for a multi user

> - my installer will be who changes the sysdba
> password and create the new users
> - do you mean that in my dev-machine i
> make a backup of the database and simple
> restore them into the new firebird servers ?


> > Given your target appears to be win32, and the
> > databases are going to
> > have the same endian on these machines, I would
> > simply restore a
> > backup of your 'empty' structure.
> could you give me an example of how to do
> this pls ?

Just use gbak to make a backup file of the database with 40000 records.

> why not to send commands to create tables,
> create indexes, create users, assign users and
> make bulk-inserts of the data ?

You can do that if you want, it is just easier and faster to restore a
backup using gbak (or the services API). The backup file will be
smaller than your SQL script.

> - so, taking in mind that the embedded version
> is not an option:
> a) do i have access to the sourcecodes of the
> installer ?

Not sure about the installer itself,
the zip distribution contains readme_installation.txt which tells you
where files need to be. You can use whatever installer tool you want.

> b) if not, does the installer have a silent-mode ?


> c) if so, where can i learn about its parameters ?
> d) is there any documentation about what must be
> configured to let firebird to start ?
> (required files, registry changes, configuration
> files, etc) ?

see above.