Subject running firebird without installing it
Author jesus_martinez1967
hello, how are you ?

i want to distribute a copy of firebird to my clients.
they really dont know anything about installing programs,
so i dont want to give them the "official-firebird-installer.exe"
but my own installer.exe that:

1) install the firebird's required files
2) modify the system as firebird needs (registry, paths, etc)
3) execute it as a process, not as a service (if it is possible)
(it must run also on win98 machines)
4) enable the server in a port readed from an INI file or
something like that.
5) delete the sysdba user
6) creates the tables-structure that my client-app needs
7a) insert the data or
7b) copy db-files to hdd, assign them in firebird and make
them available via firebird.
8) create the dbuser that will be used by clients
9) assign that dbuser to my tables

all without any kind of user interaction.

thanks in advance,