Subject Re: running firebird without installing it
Author Adam
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> hello, how are you ?

Well thankyou for asking.
> i want to distribute a copy of firebird to my clients.
> they really dont know anything about installing programs,
> so i dont want to give them the "official-firebird-installer.exe"
> but my own installer.exe that:

Is there only a single program accessing the database on the machine
you install? If so I would suggest using the embedded engine, as that
is quite a simple install.

> 1) install the firebird's required files
> 2) modify the system as firebird needs (registry, paths, etc)

No problems.

> 3) execute it as a process, not as a service (if it is possible)
> (it must run also on win98 machines)

If embedded, not relevant. Otherwise, there would be no point
installing as an application unless the OS does not support it. (ie,
install as a service on NT based OS - NT4/2K/XP/2003/Vista and as an
application on 95/98/ME). A service is much more beneficial because
you don't force the user to be logged in, and to be logged in with
sufficient rights.

> 4) enable the server in a port readed from an INI file or
> something like that.

Port is read from firebird.conf.

> 5) delete the sysdba user

Can't be done. You can write a program that connects to the services
API and changes the default SYSDBA password.

> 6) creates the tables-structure that my client-app needs

Given your target appears to be win32, and the databases are going to
have the same endian on these machines, I would simply restore a
backup of your 'empty' structure.

> 7a) insert the data or
> 7b) copy db-files to hdd, assign them in firebird and make
> them available via firebird.

See above.

> 8) create the dbuser that will be used by clients

The same tool you wrote to change the SYSDBA password could be used.

> 9) assign that dbuser to my tables

Do that before you make the 'empty' database backup

> all without any kind of user interaction.

Sure, it just means you need to make the decisions that the installer
made. The model with the least decisions to be made is embedded,
literally extract the zip file and copy your binar(y/ies) into that
folder, renaming fbembedded if appropriate.