Subject Re: Connect to Remote Ip database
Author Adam
--- In, "jeremylim2008"
<jeremylim2008@...> wrote:
> I try to connect to remote fire-bird server
> the configuration as below;
> e.g.
> dns Name :
> ip address:
> directory : C:\db\HQDB.fdb
> In server side it can run the system that connect
> to this database.
> I had using below setting use dbexplorer to connect to
> remote server which is fail;

What is the question?

Given these forums are public, I hope you change the IP address and
dyndns records when you get it sorted.

The syntax you need is


[hostname] can be the dns or External IP address. If you are using a
router, you will need to port forward to the internal machine.

[/port] is optional, it defaults to 3050.

[path] is either the physical path to the database as by the database
server or an alias defined on the database server.

There must be a : between the hostname and path (after /port if it is
not default).




As I have advised others, using Firebird over the internet works, but
works quite slowly. For both security and performance reasons, I would
recommend you use something like Zebedee to create a secure compressed