Subject Post_event is causing big trouble in server and client
Author Franz J Fortuny
Issue # 1

I am using Borland C++ Builder 6. The set of components include
IBEvent. In the past, before Firebird 1.5 came out, I did include in
my applications several programas capable of successfuly being
alerted by events using, in triggers the syntax:

post_event 'Event_name';

The application sould simply catch this event and interpret it as
what the intention was (a row had been inserted with certain limits
violated or anything).

It USED to work simply great!

Yesterday I tried to show off those programs. I have Firebird 1.5.3.

The server had to be shut down with "hostility". A forced shut down.
It never responded.

This happened every single time that the same program with the event
registration code was started at a client machine. This DIDN'T
happen and it did work as expected in the same machine where the
server was running.

Issue # 2 -- Catching the event.

I read that Helen wrote an article 3 years ago about the 3 possible
arguments of POST_EVENT. However, I don't get to understand how the
client application could possibly register interest in an event with
no "fixed" name.