Subject Re: [firebird-support] Post_event is causing big trouble in server and client
Author Milan Babuskov
Franz J Fortuny wrote:
> This happened every single time that the same program with the event
> registration code was started at a client machine. This DIDN'T
> happen and it did work as expected in the same machine where the
> server was running.

Perhaps there is a firewall running at client computer that prevents the
secondary connection? If you're using Super Server try setting the
RemoteAuxPort to some fixed value, and enable that on the firewall.

> Issue # 2 -- Catching the event.
> However, I don't get to understand how the
> client application could possibly register interest in an event with
> no "fixed" name.

AFAIK, it can't.

P.S. If you're looking into easy way to test events, try the Event
Monitor in FlameRobin. Here's a screenshot:

Milan Babuskov