Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: running firebird without installing it
Author jesus martinez

- Why i cant just copy the GDB file ?
i mean, what other commands does gbak make to
firebird ?

> > - do you mean that in my dev-machine i
> > make a backup of the database and simple
> > restore them into the new firebird servers ?
> Yes.

- one last newbie-question: where do i have to
set the alias of the database ?
i ask this because i have just downloaded
IBExpert Personal Edition, and there is
a button called "copy alias info", and when i
press on it, i get all the string containing
the server ip, and the path of the GDB file.

- must i set the aliases on clients ?
- doesnt exists a network registered alias ?

for example, in postgres you set the alias over
the server and you dont have to do it on the
clients... you just set the server ip/port and
specify the alias name.
(you dont have to open an applet manualy to
specify it on each client)


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