Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: running firebird without installing it
Author Lester Caine
jesus martinez wrote:

> - Why i cant just copy the GDB file ?
> i mean, what other commands does gbak make to
> firebird ?

You can, but the backup file is smaller to copy and when restoring, the
file is also checked that it has copied properly.
But use .FDB rather then .GDB as later versions of windows can have
problems since Microsoft flag .GDB files for it's own uses.
If you are using 'zip' and unzipping as part of the install process,
then this does some tests of the expanded copies, but that is not as
good as GBAK.

>>>- do you mean that in my dev-machine i
>>> make a backup of the database and simple
>>> restore them into the new firebird servers ?
> - one last newbie-question: where do i have to
> set the alias of the database ?
> - must i set the aliases on clients ?
> - doesnt exists a network registered alias ?

alias.conf is in your SERVER's installed directory. The clients just use
the alias name rather than the full path name to access the database,
but the client still needs to identify the name of the server so it
knows where to look.
Looks in the copy of Firebird on 'server' to find where 'database' is
actually stored on the 'server' machine.

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