Subject Re: System Tables - Column Sizes - Too small
Author John B. Moore
--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@i...> wrote:
> Impossible trumps massive effort. Don't change the column size.
> names are used throughout the code and they're copied into buffers.
> Most - possibly all - of the buffers are setup using a macro that
> defines the length but you'd have to recompile the whole engine and
> utilities with a new value and I'm not at all sure it would work when
> you were done. Extending names and handling non-ASCII names correctly
> are goals for a later version of Firebird ... but won't happen in V2.

No surprise here.. but just wanted to make sure..<G>

The other responder had indicated that he thought V2 would deal with
this issue.. Your are indicating it will not..

Maybe this issue needs to be clarified with the community...???

Thanks for getting in the final word on this.... (and that it will
not be in V2.. that will affect how it will be solved..)

John Moore
SonicSpider LLC