Subject Re: [firebird-support] System Tables - Column Sizes - Too small
Author Ann W. Harrison
John B. Moore wrote:
> Generator, Table names.. etc.. are restricted to CHAR(31) ... Ouch!!
> There are two possible courses of action.. (in theory)
> 1) Change the code.. (massive effort..)
> 2) Change the system table column size.. (even possible..??)
Impossible trumps massive effort. Don't change the column size. Object
names are used throughout the code and they're copied into buffers.
Most - possibly all - of the buffers are setup using a macro that
defines the length but you'd have to recompile the whole engine and
utilities with a new value and I'm not at all sure it would work when
you were done. Extending names and handling non-ASCII names correctly
are goals for a later version of Firebird ... but won't happen in V2.