Subject System Tables - Column Sizes - Too small
Author John B. Moore
I'm in the process of porting an open source CRM to Firebird. All was
going well until I encountered the dreaded error..

"Name longer than database column size"

A little research on the system tables revealed the problems..

Generator, Table names.. etc.. are restricted to CHAR(31) ... Ouch!!

There are two possible courses of action.. (in theory)

1) Change the code.. (massive effort..)

2) Change the system table column size.. (even possible..??)

So.. what say you all, about the dangers/effects of changing the
system table column size.. I would love a defintion of Char(50) or such..

I found a post from Ann Harrison on this issue, but she did not
address the issues/dangers of changing these sizes.. ( I would guess
the there are issues in the code that prevent this change..???)

Thank you for any feedback..

John Moore