Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: System Tables - Column Sizes - Too small
Author Helen Borrie
Alan McDonald wrote:

> > I think version 2 has bigger sizes if your expected delivery is some time
> > away then maybe you shoudl be doing this dev with FB2.0 alpha

J. B. Moore wrote

>Don't think that would be a good idea since this is an applicaton that
>needs to be critical use in a business.. Though it is nice this will
>be address..

Can't stress strongly enough that the v.2 alpha builds must not be
considered production-capable. The alphas are available because the core
team considers the Fb 2 feature set to be more or less complete and wants
it tested out there. If the implementation details were not likely to
change, Fb 2 would be in late beta. Clearly it is not. Long[er]
identifiers in Firebird 3? In Fb 4? who knows?

Re what's in Fb 2: you can download the latest Fb 2 alpha release notes
without downloading the alpha kit. See