Subject Re: FB2 alpha install next to existing fb1.5 [win2k]?
Author Thomas Kellerer
--- In, "mailmur" <mailmur@y...> wrote:
> I can live with the fact that FB1.5 engine must be shutdown during FB2
> testings. But removing fb1 might be too much. I dont have a spare
> machine at home so must use the same Win2k box.
> I want to test my unicode(UTF-8) testcase in FB2 version.
> 2) Can I use current jdbc driver with FB2
> If I cannot use jdbc or .net driver then my FB2 testcase can wait for
> another time. I dont have any other tools to connect fb database.

I used the zip download
and simply unzipped it into a new directory.

Then I changed firebird.conf to select a different port to listen to
(using RemoteServicePort = 3051). When running FB2.0 I shut down the
1.5 service before and I start FB 2.0 using fbserver -a.

I am using the same JDBC driver for both versions.

But apparently FB 2.0 will corrupt your databases after some time. So
don't put anything in it that you want to keep.