Subject FB2 alpha install next to existing fb1.5 [win2k]?
Author mailmur
Running windows setup.exe installer it displayes the Information text
before starting the install procedure.

"Before installation
It is recommended that you UNINSTALL all previous
versions of Firebird or InterBase before installing
this package."

1) Can I install and test FB2 without removing FB1.x server from the

I can live with the fact that FB1.5 engine must be shutdown during FB2
testings. But removing fb1 might be too much. I dont have a spare
machine at home so must use the same Win2k box.

I want to test my unicode(UTF-8) testcase in FB2 version.

2) Can I use current jdbc driver with FB2
If I cannot use jdbc or .net driver then my FB2 testcase can wait for
another time. I dont have any other tools to connect fb database.