Subject Re: FB2 alpha install next to existing fb1.5 [win2k]?
Author andycolson
--- In, "mailmur" <mailmur@y...>
> Running windows setup.exe installer it displayes the Information
> before starting the install procedure.
> "Before installation
> -------------------
> It is recommended that you UNINSTALL all previous
> versions of Firebird or InterBase before installing
> this package."
> 1) Can I install and test FB2 without removing FB1.x server from the
> machine?
> I can live with the fact that FB1.5 engine must be shutdown during
> testings. But removing fb1 might be too much. I dont have a spare
> machine at home so must use the same Win2k box.
> I want to test my unicode(UTF-8) testcase in FB2 version.
> 2) Can I use current jdbc driver with FB2
> If I cannot use jdbc or .net driver then my FB2 testcase can wait
> another time. I dont have any other tools to connect fb database.

I'd say yes, but you have to be carefull. Here is how I did it.
First I uninstalled fb15, then I searched my entire drive for
gds32.dll and fdbclient.dll, and deleted them.

Then I installed fb2 into c:\firebird. I did NOT setup the service
and I did NOT copy anything to the windows/system folder. I made sure
a path was added for c:\firebird\bin. (that way programs use the
gds32.dll from c:\firebird\bin).

Then I renamed the folder to c:\firebird20. Then I installed firebird
1.5 the exact same way.

When I want to switch, I just rename the folders (well, shut down the
program first (It should be running as an icon in your system tray)).

From firebird -> firebird15, then firebird20 -> firebird. Then I
startup the program (I usually create a shortcut to fbserver.exe with
the -a option and drop it into the startup folder.)