Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: SYSDBA
Author Geoff Worboys
> Log into the database with isql, as SYSDBA. Do a metadata extract using
> isql and output it to a file. That will give you a full script for
> reconstructing the database. Log out of isql; then log in again as your
> ADMIN user, without connecting to a database.

> Edit the script to remove any GRANT statements pertaining to the ADMIN user
> (that your host's SYSDBA added previously). Retain any that pertain to
> PUBLIC, to roles or to ordinary users.

> Run your metadata script to recreate your database (into some other
> location, natch!!). You should now have an empty database, of the same
> structure as the original, but now ADMIN is the Owner of both the database
> and the objects in it.

> Next, pump the data from the original database. There are various tools
> around for doing this, e.g. the IBPump tool from
> or the very handy datapump tool in IB_SQL (free from
> You will need to log into the original database as
> SYSDBA (in case there are other deficient privileges you don't know about)
> and you can log into the new database as either SYSDBA or ADMIN (i.e. owner).

FYI: All these steps can be performed using DBak. Access the
source as SYSDBA, access the backup/rebuild as the new user.

Not trying to do a hard sell (its free), but is MUCH easier
because DBak takes care of metadata statement order issues.

I had always considered it a limitation of DBak that it cannot
transfer ownership details on the new database, but in this
situation it is a "feature". :-)

The rest of Helen's instructions remain necessary.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing