Subject Re: FB2 alpha install next to existing fb1.5 [win2k]?
Author mailmur
> > I can live with the fact that FB1.5 engine must be shutdown during FB2
> > testings. But removing fb1 might be too much. I dont have a spare
> > machine at home so must use the same Win2k box.
> >
> > I want to test my unicode(UTF-8) testcase in FB2 version.
> >

> I used the zip download

Thx for you hint, downloaded zip version and installed it.

I followed my "" test case
steps and created a new database and table.

1) num of characters in VARCHAR(1) column and unicode charset
I was able to insert three latin1 characters to varchar(1) columns.
UNICODE_FSS works same as in fb1.x version so might corrupt the data

2) String functions (ie UPPER)
And UPPER(strcol) did not uppercase unicode characters.

It seems UTF-8/unicode problems and possible solutions go to beyond
FB2 release schedule. Probably proper UTF-8 support is a huge rewrite
task to a current codebase.

I must still use MySQL with innodb format in our intranet site. I use
only C# and Java clients where unicode string is the first-class
citizen. Then I create all tables using UTF-8 encoding in all string
columns where values might be a free written by users. Only very
restricted enum valued columns (internal control codes etc...) could
use ansi ascii, but still I keep them in UTF-8 format as well.