Subject RE: [firebird-support] Storing images.
Author Adrian Wreyford
Probably not. Databases can get very big with no particular problems,
especially if the data is in blobs. It does present a problem with
backup, because the normal databases backup utility, gbak, doesn't
support incremental backup. Version 2 introduces a new, physical backup
mechanism that does incremental backups.

Just to be sure I understand you correctly. Should I thus be storing the
data in Blobs?
Do you suggest I limit the size of the images, and if so, what size in Kb,
or does this not really matter now a days.
Will large BLOB files in the DB slow it down, especially if used over a
network, or only if the actual data of the Blob isa requested.?

> I have read somewhere that Firebird can store to files, and not the .FDB.

Yes, but it's not what you want. People who choose not to store images
in the database usually write out files through their application and
store file names in the database. That won't work at all with IBO -
well it might if you used some smoke, mirrors, and UDF's, but I don't
recommend it.

Yes I read up on external files in Helens book, and this is not the way to

Thanks Adrian



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