Subject Storing images.
Author Adrian Wreyford
I hope I'm posting to the correct group.

I need to store images of cattle in a cattle management sytem.

I can store Jpeg images using Jason's IB_JpegImage, but don't think this is
the way to go.


No control over the size of the image file that the end user will be trying
to store in the blob file.

I can resize the images, and also compress to a certain degree to limit this
factor, but still going to overload the database with large amounts of image

I have read somewhere that Firebird can store to files, and not the .FDB.

How do I do this?

Do I designate an area on the disk, a subdirectory perhaps the same as the
.fdb, only /images.

Do I then save all image files there, and How do I get the images to behave
with the front end of the database when say browsing the data, using IBO.

How do I identify images for late retrieval?

Any help will be appreciated to get me going here.

I was not to sure if I should have posted on IBO, but sure Helen will help
me right.


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