Subject Re: [firebird-support] Storing images.
Author Ann W. Harrison
Adrian Wreyford wrote:
> Just to be sure I understand you correctly. Should I thus be storing the
> data in Blobs?

Helen has corrected me - apparently IBO does understand that a field can
be a file name and the file can contain the image. So either method
will work with the IBO image handling capabilities. However, being a
database person and having some (miserable) experience with trying to
run applications on different file systems, I find the simplicity of
putting everything in the database appealing.

> Do you suggest I limit the size of the images, and if so, what size in Kb,
> or does this not really matter now a days.

It doesn't matter, especially if you're expressing the size in Kb.

> Will large BLOB files in the DB slow it down, especially if used over a
> network, or only if the actual data of the Blob isa requested.?

Only if the actual data is requested.