Subject RE: [firebird-support] Storing images.
Author Adrian Wreyford
Dear Helen

Helen: "Your real decision is whether you store the images inside the
database or
whether you store them in the filesystem and use the database to store the
physical links to the images. Data-aware "containers" like ib_jpegimage
are relevant to the former case, not the latter. If your application pulls
image files from the filesystem, there are plenty of non-data-aware classes
around to choose from."

Ann: ">Probably not. Databases can get very big with no particular
>especially if the data is in blobs. It does present a problem with
>backup, because the normal databases backup utility, gbak, doesn't
>support incremental backup. Version 2 introduces a new, physical backup
>mechanism that does incremental backups."

Well it would appear that both file and DB storage are O.K.

I like the idea of having everything in one place. So I'm going to leave it
in the Database in blobs

A few more questions:
1). Should I be limiting the size of the jpeg image the end user is storing?
2). Should I use a negative Sub-Type for the Blob, or BLOB SUB_TYPE 0?
3). Would you recommend I store these blobs in the same database as all my
other data, or in a second database? (Probably doesn't matter).
4). I use the IB_JPEGIMAGE to display and store the data.
.. to get the Jpg file In above, one can drag and drop, or create a viewer,
that resizes, downgrades quality etc to reduce the size, to acceptable
limit, then assign to Jason's component, then store as with any other data
aware component.
5). What I will do to speed up browsing, is add a toggle under my program
preferences to display or not display images, thus the server does not have
to pass the BLOB data, speeding up scrolling quite substantially, and I
tried this, and it works well .. comment please?

Thanks every body has really given many meaningful tips here!