Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running IB and FB
Author Woody
From: "Nando Dessena" <nando@...>
> do you mean it connects to the Firebird server regardless?
> What's the server name you have used when registering the server in
> IBConsole? Is it localhost or localhost/3051?

Nando, you hit it right on. I had to add the /3050 to the database name for
it to use the IB service. I just thought it should use that as the default
but apparently it doesn't. If I don't specify the port, it tries to use FB,
which is on 3051.

That's a good thing to know. I can now set up different databases in
IBConsole and specify which service to use when connecting. This should
prove to be interesting. :)

> It should be the latter. And the gds32.dll that IBConsole uses should
> be Firebird's.

OK, I'll do this also.


Woody (TMW)