Subject Running IB and FB
Author Woody
OK, I've gotten much better at using the embedded version and now I'm ready to try to expand it to use either itself or act as client to an FB server. However, I use IB 6 for other clients so I need to run them both at the same time. I've read the release notes and have been trying to get FB to use port 3051 instead of 3050. I "assumed" that would normally let me use IB as the default server if I didn't specify a port in the connection string. Is that correct?

Here's what I did:

I modified the firebird.conf file and uncommented the RemoteServiceName line and changed it to read:

RemoteServiceName = fbs_db

I then added an entry in the services file:

fbs_db TCP/3051

Is that all that should be necessary or am I missing some other things? That just seems to simple to me so I am "assuming" that I don't have the full picture here. :)


Woody (TMW)

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