Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Windows 98 Install Problem
Author Paul Reeves
On Wednesday 30 June 2004 17:35, Joey A. Tyson wrote:
> It happens when I click the icon created in the start menu. It also
> happens on bootup when the Registry "Run" entry for Firebird is
> loaded. The -c parameter doesn't affect it.

Hmmm. I can reproduce the problem with the installer. (When it tries to
start the guardian at the end of the install session.) However, on Win2k
at least, clicking on the icon works fine. At the moment I'm afraid I
don't know what is going on here.

There is a wider problem here. Even when the guardian is running it
doesn't provide any control over the fb_inet_server.exe. Worse still, it
can't close itself from the tray icon. So all in all the guardian for the
classic server is fairly broken.

The one thing it does do, and its whole raison d'etre, of course, is to
make sure that the classic server is always available. This is essential
under Win9x especially, as there is no listener such as inetd on *nix or
the services manager on WinNT.

So, if you need classic under Win32, only have Win9x and need the server
always on, use the Guardian. Otherwise, life will be easier if you don't
use it.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase