Subject Re: [firebird-support] Remote Access to a UDF
Author Bjoern Reimer

You can't use a UDF remotely!

Copy the libary (DLL) to the UDF directory of fb installation or to
any other path, set up in firebird.conf.

r> I'm having a problem with remote access to a UDF using the latest
r> Firebird. I *can* access FreeUDFLib.dll functions both remotely
r> (referring to the ip address of the server where the UDF is included
r> in the UDF directory) and also locally. However a dll that I wrote in
r> Delphi 5 is only being recognized locally. When I refer to the remote
r> install of functions in the dll I wrote, I get the message ('Invalid
r> request BLR at...') for not being able to find my file. Is there
r> something special one must do to get a UDF file to be usable remotely?
r> I didn't see anything special about that in FreeUDFLib.dll and it
r> works fine remotely.

r> Here is the code of my library HopeUDFLib for reference:
r> (Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to solve this problem!-Rob)


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