Subject RE: [firebird-support] Remote Access to a UDF
Author Alan McDonald
> I'm having a problem with remote access to a UDF using the latest
> Firebird. I *can* access FreeUDFLib.dll functions both remotely
> (referring to the ip address of the server where the UDF is included
> in the UDF directory) and also locally. However a dll that I wrote in
> Delphi 5 is only being recognized locally. When I refer to the remote
> install of functions in the dll I wrote, I get the message ('Invalid
> request BLR at...') for not being able to find my file. Is there
> something special one must do to get a UDF file to be usable remotely?
> I didn't see anything special about that in FreeUDFLib.dll and it
> works fine remotely.
> Here is the code of my library HopeUDFLib for reference:
> (Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to solve this problem!-Rob)

Are you declaring the udf to your database?
Are you sure you are using the FreeUDF lib functions and not the internal
server functions for say SUBSTRING?
When you say remotely - show us te connection string you are using.
Show use the declaration to the database you are using