Subject Windows 98 Install Problem
Author Joey A. Tyson
Hello all . . . I'm new to Firebird but am having installation
trouble and found this e-group. I searched around for a fix but
couldn't find anything, so I looked for a way to get Firebird support.

I'm trying to setup Firebird 1.5 on a Windows 9x system. I
downloaded the "Official Windows Setup and Installer For Classic and
SuperServer" exe from the files section of the Firebird site at SF.
I ran the installer and chose to use Guardian, run as an application,
and everything else.

Once installed if I try to run Guardian I get this error
message: "C:\PROGRAM FILES\FIREBIRD\FIREBIRD_1_5\bin\fbserver.exe :
The guardian was unable to launch the server thread. errno : 2"

The path is where I installed FB, but fbserver.exe does not exist
(though fb_inet_server.exe does). I found just a handful of
references to this kind of error in Google, SourceForge, and other
searches. One message at one site had a reply that the original
snapshots had this error but that the latest builds were fixed - but
that was from 2002.

Any help in getting FB setup would be very appreciated! Thanks so