Subject Re: Windows 98 Install Problem
Author Joey A. Tyson
It happens when I click the icon created in the start menu. It also
happens on bootup when the Registry "Run" entry for Firebird is
loaded. The -c parameter doesn't affect it.


--- In, Paul Reeves <paul@f...>
> On Tuesday 29 June 2004 18:33, Joey A. Tyson wrote:
> >
> > Once installed if I try to run Guardian I get this error
\bin\fbserver.exe :
> > The guardian was unable to launch the server thread. errno : 2"
> >
> > The path is where I installed FB, but fbserver.exe does not exist
> > (though fb_inet_server.exe does).
> Where/when are you getting this error?
> Is it at the end of the install?
> Is it when you run the guardian from the icon the installer creates
in the
> start menu?
> Is it when you try to run the guardian manually?
> If it is the latter then the solution is very simple. You need to
> '-c' as a parameter to the guardian if you want it to start up the
> classic server.
> Paul
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