Subject GBak and memory use
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

Another question regarding memory use.....

I have a server running Windows 2000 SP4 all updates installed, 1 Gb
RAM, Xeon 3 GHz, 2 x SCA 18 Gb HDD (as mirror) on a Adaptec 2110s.
On this a FB 1.5 SS runs.

Here there is a DB which is around 900 Mb in size.

Doing a restore using IBExpert restores all the data.
Somewhere when the restore is restoring the index the amount of
available RAM is between 1K and 2K !!!

Doing the same procedure on my labtop with 1 Gb of RAM NEVER leaves
me with LESS than 350 Mb of free RAM.

Both versions of FB is 1.5 SS.
My labtop is running Windows XP Pro.

Why is it, that restoring on one machine "eats" up all available RAM,
when doing the same on another doesn√łt ?