Subject Re: FB 1.5 backup "interesting" error
Author fowlertrainer
--- In, "Steffen Heil" <lists@s...>
> Hi
> > I have a gdb with 277 MB size.
> > I use windows clients, and development client, and Debian Sarge server
> with my own compiled FB (not deb installed version !).
> Okay, you are using linux as server...

Yes, I use linux as server, but I use local windows server in my dev.
client - to not load the central linux server/ and for code development.

> > gbak -B -V -Z -T -user xxx -pas xxx C:\dev\BHA\database\mpanni2.gdb
> C:\dev\BHA\database\mpanni2.gbk
> How can you backup a linux firebird server with windows local paths?

This example is my Windows gbak example.

> Further, try not to use .gdb. Use .fdb instead.


> > The Windows gbak/server version string:
> > gbak: gbak version Firebird-W32-V1.0
> > ... version "WI-T1.5.0.3744 Firebird 1.5 Release Candidate 4"
> Those do not match.

Ok, that is not match, but some of these servers must be handle the
database backup ! Database is handled by both of servers, and no
validation error in both trying.

> First, update Firebird to Final/Relase. Don't use Release Candidates.
> Second, update you gbak (included in release version). Recent is: gbak
> version WI-V1.5.0.4306 Firebird 1.5
> Always try using the same versions of db server and gbak.
> > The Linux gbak/server version string:
> > gbak: gbak version LI-V1.5.0.4290 Firebird 1.5
> > ... version "LI-V1.5.0.4290 Firebird 1.5"
> Those match.

So - I download W32 server (the newest):

but Linux superserver is have only this version:
It is FirebirdSS- I cannot found newer version of this
server in IBPhoenix.

Why ?

> > I need to backup, because I made many changes in DB, and I want to
> organize some table (because I delete many records from them).
> You should do backups on a regular schedule, you know...

Ok, but I want to do it NOW.

> Regards,
> Steffen