Subject Re: FB install questions.
Author barfingdog2004
--- In, "Eddie Bush" <eabush@s...> wrote:
> Larry,
> If you're trying to build a "desktop database" sort of application,
you probably wanted That's the
distribution for the embedded server.

Thanks Eddie:

It sounds like I've come full circle. I
started with the embedded zip, loaded the
server zip for the include files, have now
run the installer, selecting the super
server, but to not start the service.

What does the installer bring to the
table? Does it add goodies a newbie
like me, using the embedded server, will
find useful? Or should I uninstall
firebird and use the zip kits?

I haven't had this assumption confirmed.
As you have seen, my assumptions can be way
off base.

Laptop application, non-technical users
who need the simplest installation possible.
That's a good use of the embedded server,