Subject Re: [firebird-support] Delphi + Firebird specific
Author Daniel Rail

At March 11, 2004, 05:41, Uwe Oeder wrote:

> If this forum is not the right one to answer my question would somebody
> then please redirect me to the correct messagebord.

> I have 2 tables one is the master one the slave. When I insert a record
> into the master record everything is file. It calls the appropirate trigger
> and the records is assigned a unique identifier for its primary key through
> a generator.

> DtSrcMaster.DataSet.AppendRecord([0,TheName,TheDescription]) ;

> So far so good. This is the trigger.

> CREATE TRIGGER TrigGenWhitePage FOR Whitepage
> AS
> NEW.WpIDSQ = GEN_ID(GenWhitepage,1) ;
> END !!

> Then I immediately query the current master record for its primary key so I
> can link the child record to the master record.

> MyVariant := DtSrcMaster.DataSet.FieldByName('MasterID').AsVariant ;

> However the master always reports back the value which I send with the
> append record procedure call , in this case 0. So the child records
> insertion fails as the link to the master record is false. Yet the master
> record is inserted into the table with the correct MasterID which is not 0.

Which component set are you using?

When do you notice the correct MasterID value? Directly after the
Append? Or after a post and commit?

Most of the component sets send the data only after a post and commit,
not when calling Append. And, the trigger is only executed on the
server when the INSERT statement is executed.

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