Subject FB install questions.
Author barfingdog2004
Hi again Experts:

Helen suggests a low noise question. I'll
try to be brief, but I want to explane the

The application lives on a laptop. The
users are non technical. I would prefer to
distribute a single .exe file, with DLLs if
needed, instead of an application and a
separate database server program. Am I correct
in believing that this is what the embedded
server offers?

I was trying to install the embedded
Windows zip, which I now believe is the wrong
package. Now I'll use this download:

The install notes recommend using the
"Windows installer application" to install
Firebird, including the embedded server.

Later in the notes:

Using the Win32 Firebird Installer
This is the easy one.
Just run the executable and respond to
the dialogs.

Does this executable have a name? I see
a reference to instclient.exe, but that looks
like it relates to legacy applications.

I'm hoping the installer will set up the
environment my project needs.