Subject Access to securitydatabase
Author Eric-Jan
As a newbie I wouldn't dare to post at "Developers" so I take my
chance at this forum.

I'm implementing security with "aliases.conf". Looks good. Explicite
connections to databasefiles are nicely blocked by
the "DatabaseAccess = None" paramater in the "firebird.conf" file.
And connection via the defined alias works OK.

However I am very surprised that direct connection to the security
database "security.fdb" is in no way blocked.

In my opinion use of SYSDBA should be as local as possible (on the
server). With explicite connection to the security database possible,
this rule is broken.

W2k PRO Sp4;FB 1.5 final;IBExpert 2004.03.01(to connect);TCPIP to

Can I post this to "Developer" or would I look very stupid.

Regards, Eric-Jan Hoogendijk.