Subject Re: [firebird-support] Good place to learn firebird.
Author Carlos H. Cantu
There is a lot of documentation regarding Firebird:

1) The release notes (actually the official documentation) in the doc folder has
a fully complete list of changes for each FB release and together with the
IB 6.0 docs results in a full documentation set.

2) You can find lots of sites in Internet with tons of articles about
Firebird/InterBase. IBPhoenix is a good example. FireBase is another
one (for portuguese speakers).

3) IBPhoenix are developing full documentation specific for
Firebird and some PDFs are ready and you can get it buying the
IBPhoenix Developer CD

Anyway, I agree that it would be better, at last for starters, to have
at last IB 6 docs + Release notes merged and packed in the instalation

FireBase -

PC> As a newcomer to the world of FireBird, I find it a real pity that there is
PC> no official documentation included in the FireBird download. Every time, I
PC> see that we are redirected to the documentation of Interbase 6, which is
PC> fine, but does miss the specific features that are only available in
PC> FireBird.

PC> If I compare to other database engines, open or closed source, you always
PC> get a whole bunch of docs with it which make it a lot easier to get started.

PC> Is there anything going to change for this in regards to FireBird 2.0? I
PC> think that if we want FireBird to be more accepted in general, we need to
PC> have good documentation in place that is freely available for everybody.

PC> I can imagine that a lot of people are not willing to invest time or even
PC> have the time to find everything out themselves if there is no official
PC> documentation. I can imagine that this is one of the "big" reasons why
PC> people prefer other database engines over FireBird.

PC> I'm currently working on a FireBird based project that doesn't have a
PC> deadline, so I can take the time to learn more about it while developing.
PC> I'm sure that if I would have had a deadline for the project, I would
PC> probably never have evaluated FireBird and would have used another database
PC> engine.

PC> Just my 2 cents.

PC> pieter

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PC> From: Paul Vinkenoog [mailto:paul@...]
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PC> Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Good place to learn firebird.

PC> Hi Roye,

>> Any recommendation for literature or site to learn "howto"
>> on firebird ?

PC> If you're new to it, I'd suggest

PC> <
on>> &page=ibp_download_documentation

PC> Pick up the Quickstart Guide there to start with. If you want to learn
PC> more, you'll also need the InterBase 6 beta docs (same page) and the
PC> Release Notes of your Firebird version.

PC> There's a lot more, but let's save that for later :-)

PC> And stay in touch with this newsgroup.

PC> Greetings,
PC> Paul Vinkenoog

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