Subject RE: [firebird-support] Good place to learn firebird.
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Pieter,

> As a newcomer to the world of FireBird, I find it a real pity that
> there is no official documentation included in the FireBird
> download. Every time, I see that we are redirected to the
> documentation of Interbase 6, which is fine, but does miss the
> specific features that are only available in FireBird.

Like Carlos Cantu pointed out, the IB6 docs + Release Notes together
contain everything you need. We can't include the IB6 docs with our
download packages because they are (C) Borland and not Open Source
like the software itself.

But of course this is far from ideal, especially in the long run when
InterBase and Firebird will diverge more and more. We are developing
free documentation ourselves, but this takes a lot of time and
currently there are only a few volunteers working on it.

If you're interested in what we are doing or want to contribute (since
you're not on a deadline anyway ;-)), please have a look here:

Paul Vinkenoog
(on a lifeline)