Subject Re: [firebird-support] Access to securitydatabase
Author Daniel Rail

At March 10, 2004, 14:14, Eric-Jan wrote:

> As a newbie I wouldn't dare to post at "Developers" so I take my
> chance at this forum.

> I'm implementing security with "aliases.conf". Looks good. Explicite
> connections to databasefiles are nicely blocked by
> the "DatabaseAccess = None" paramater in the "firebird.conf" file.
> And connection via the defined alias works OK.

> However I am very surprised that direct connection to the security
> database "security.fdb" is in no way blocked.

> In my opinion use of SYSDBA should be as local as possible (on the
> server). With explicite connection to the security database possible,
> this rule is broken.

> Using:
> W2k PRO Sp4;FB 1.5 final;IBExpert 2004.03.01(to connect);TCPIP to

> Can I post this to "Developer" or would I look very stupid.

Actually, there is a current discussion regarding this subject on the
developers group(Firebird-Devel at SourceForge). Read through the
messages entitled "Security Database Creation", which started March 6.
And, if you feel something has been left out then post your comments
or ideas, they are always welcomed.

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