Subject Can app using embedded FB 1.5 access multiple dbs?
Author pket555

I am writing an app which needs to simultaneously access two dbs.

I am considering using FireBird 1.5, Embedded edition.

However, after studying the docs, it's not clear to me whether this
is possible with the FB 1.5, Embedded or not.

The 'What's new in Firebird' doc says this: "Embedded server is a
dll that merges a single client attachment with a Firebird
SuperServer for building very quick and efficient stand­alone and
briefcase applications.". This seems to indicate that a single
client app can simultaneously access more than one db.

However, the'Firebird 1.5 Facts' doc says this: "Embedded Version
(the entire engine in a single DLL / SO (!) for single-user, single-
database use)". Here, it seems that a client app could only access
one db at a time.

But the 'Firebird™ Version 1.5, Release Notes', in the 'Installing
Embedded server from a zip kit' section says this: "You may run any
number of applications with the embedded server without any
conflicts. Having IB/FB server running is not a problem either. But
you should be aware that you cannot access the same database from
multiple embedded servers simultaneously, because they have
SuperServer architecture and hence exclusively lock attached
databases." If I read this correctly, multiple apps cannot access
the same db, but it seems to leave open the possibility of a single
app simultaneously accessing multiple dbs.

I apologize if I have misunderstood these docs. I really do want to
use FireBird instead of IB.

Thank you so much for your help.