Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB install questions.
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:58 PM 9/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:

> > What are you trying to "link" to? The dll exposes the API - that is
> > purpose.
> Ok Helen. I've been hung up on the idea that I
>should be able to call the API directly, like I do
>the functions in the one DLL I've built, and the
>DLL's I've used in my very limited experience with

The functions you call are all prototyped in ibase.h.

> I now understand that that isn't going to happen
>with Firebird's API.


>What is the motivation for
>shipping a DLL that requires loading the library,
>then assigning a pointer to each function one wishes
>to use?

Not. It is a regular DLL that exports function entrypoints.

>IBPP looks like a solution to this problem,
>but why create the problem in the first place?

Again, huh? What IBPP does, is it encapsulates the parameter structures
that your application passes to the various API functions. So, instead of
you constructing your own classes and methods, it's already done for you.

> > Still not clear what you're expecting to do here
> What I was trying to do here, in this thread, is
>to understand the "Windows installer" described in
>the install notes.

A "Windows installer" is a scripted and compiled installation program that
complies with the "Windows installer" standard. Equivalent to RPM files on
Redhat and Mandrake, if you like...

>I don't see an installer
>executable in the distribution.

The zip files contain - well - files. And scripts and some binaries that
are used by the installer.

As several people have already explained to you, the zip files are the
wrong kit for a novice to try to do his first install.

>Are we talking
>about the control panel's "Add New Software"


You should download the Windows Installer kit and simply double-click on
it. The installer program will start up, it will prompt you to answer some
questions (but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a newbie is to take all of the
defaults). A few seconds later, it is all installed and the server will be

Once again, the download you want is the very first item under "Downloads"
if you click through to here:

Or, get it directly with this URL:

Gee, I don't do this for everyone. :-))