Subject Re: FB install questions.
Author barfingdog2004
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> At 03:02 AM 9/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
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> >wrote:
> > > You need
> > >
> > >
> > > Christoph
> >
> >Thanks Christoph:
> >
> > I tried that.
> >
> > I installed the files as directed in the release
> >notes.
> >
> > Microsoft Visual C++ inserts a leading underscore
> >in exported symbols, and expects the same from DLLs
> >it uses.
> >
> > The DLLs in
> >export symbols without the leading underscore. The
> >linker can't find them.
> >
> > I've asked in the win32 newsgroup. I now believe
> >there is no way for MSVC to link to those DLLs. If
> >you know of a way I'm interested.
> What are you trying to "link" to? The dll exposes the API - that is
> purpose.

Ok Helen. I've been hung up on the idea that I
should be able to call the API directly, like I do
the functions in the one DLL I've built, and the
DLL's I've used in my very limited experience with

I now understand that that isn't going to happen
with Firebird's API. What is the motivation for
shipping a DLL that requires loading the library,
then assigning a pointer to each function one wishes
to use? IBPP looks like a solution to this problem,
but why create the problem in the first place?

> Still not clear what you're expecting to do here

What I was trying to do here, in this thread, is
to understand the "Windows installer" described in
the install notes. I don't see an installer
executable in the distribution. Are we talking
about the control panel's "Add New Software"