Subject Re: [firebird-support] Attached Databases
Author Carlos H. Cantu
The server doesnt have a list of the databases (altought as you said,
ALIASES give you some of this functionality).

That's why you cannot query the server for a db list. There is no way
to register databases in the server.

FireBase -

j> Why doesn't Firebird support querying the server for databases? What
j> I mean is that, in MSSQL, if I can find a server on the network, I can
j> log into it and then access any database for which I have rights. It
j> seems like the Firebird server is almost there since we can now attach
j> to a server and then access any database on it if I know its alias.
j> So it would seem that all that is required would be to have a function
j> to return the list of aliases to a client. Am I being a little naive
j> about how difficult this would be to implement?

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