Subject Re: Attached Databases
Author jrodenhi
Actually, my question was meant to be more of a feature request. I
probably should not have entered it here, but when I checked the
feature request newsgroup, it had nothing but unrelated spam in it.

My guess is that the Firebird server can pick up the alias names from
its aliases.conf file. And since you can log onto a database once you
have its alias, I believe that it would be possible to put these two
things together and allow remote users who log onto a server to pick
the database they want to work with from a list. This of course
presumes that the administrative or query tool the user is using is
set up to work with this kind of arrangement. It seems like the
server is very close to this functionality. If such a functionality
were available, I would bet that client tool writers would take
advantage of it and I think it would be a popular feature among users.

--- In, "Carlos H. Cantu"
<listas@w...> wrote:
> The server doesnt have a list of the databases (altought as you
> ALIASES give you some of this functionality).
> That's why you cannot query the server for a db list. There is no
> to register databases in the server.
> Carlos
> FireBase -
> j> Why doesn't Firebird support querying the server for databases?
> j> I mean is that, in MSSQL, if I can find a server on the network,
I can
> j> log into it and then access any database for which I have
rights. It
> j> seems like the Firebird server is almost there since we can now
> j> to a server and then access any database on it if I know its
> j> So it would seem that all that is required would be to have a
> j> to return the list of aliases to a client. Am I being a little
> j> about how difficult this would be to implement?
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